Design Your Dreams…

The Journey Begins Here

Svooy is a company that never stands still. We pride ourselves on the fact that we constantly innovate and bring new designs to our projects and customers, exploring new materials and styles.

Home furnishings are not just a business for us – we create product that we love and believe in.

Inspiration of Design

Our design inspiration doesn’t just come from one place. We take inspiration from mid-century and modern designs – adding a contemporary, stylish twist to our products. We are also inspired by oriental influences, re-interpreting forms and materials with clean lines and minimalist design.

We know that good design evokes and emotive response that transforms our daily lives into memorable experiences. Inspired by classic designs, but rooted in the present, our innovative modern collections are intended to complement and enhance and eclectic interior vision.

Ufuk Uçar

Furniture Designer

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